The Landscaper Comic – Released Weekly On Thursday


  1. chris
    Oh Jezz...I sure hope he locked the door. I'm sure Sean has security snakes installed anyway - so it's cool.
  2. Cam
    Big coffee corporations don't roll In Kendel! Mom and Pop run this town!
  3. chris
    Although, it does have excellent Wi-Fi hot spots!
  4. FireFrenzy
    Guess they don't change squat... Also i might be yelling about them stealing my pinky right about now...
  5. chris
    Give him the damn pinky already - would'cha! Man needs a pinky!
  6. Raron
    Well actually they changed quite a bit. (spoiler) Turns out debbies closet is really a meth lab, Jack's sports sells super powerful steroids in the back alley and the coffee shop is really just a decoration. You open the door and find there are no other walls... It's A FRONT! *rimshot* But seriously we all know nothing good happens to this guy on a sunny day. two to one odds say he gets punched in the face before sunset.
  7. chris
    LOL! That's awesome Raron. I think your breakdown of Raleigh St. is genius, and warrants it's own spin off side comic." Kendelwood the untold story." I could only imagine Dan going to Cup of Kendel only to open the door and see nothing but plywood interiors and a random guy holding a boom mic. It would kind of be like the Truman Show, barring the meth lab and the steroid dealing back alley action - or maybe there was a meth lab in that movie, I can't remember. That would be pretty epic either way. It's also funny how you assume that this day will result in a face punch at some stage. Can't the poor the guy just get out once and a while and not have to worry about such things? Well, come to think of it, this is Landscaper after all - and it wouldn't be right to waste such a lovely calm morning allowing him to collect his thoughts and reflect on his life. Nah - that definitely wouldn't be right at all. But then knew that. So, so far the bid is fist to face before sundown - If only he was so lucky ;) After all, you guys just don't come here weekly to see the guy mope around and drink coffee now do you?
  8. Damean
    38 ...88 a few pages back i wan more >.>
  9. chris
    I'll never make another tee shirt with numbers on it again. It was so much easier in issue 2 when everyone just wore black. However - all is back to as it should be. 38 will live on in the hearts of the children and will be talked about during the holidays through song.
  10. Sam152
    Dan doesn't look so good against the backdrop of a perfect house on a perfect hill.
  11. chris
    Curse you contrast of lifestyles...I think it's more interesting to see a sunny day in a LS comic. It just doesn't feel right....and nothing is on fire or bleeding. Well - Dan is but he's always bleeding.