The Landscaper Comic – Released Weekly On Thursday


  1. FireFrenzy
    Hmmmmmm very drama many fire WOW...
  2. Necrophage
    Looks like we're going to see a bit of redemption amidst the mayhem...
  3. Necrophage
    I know you don't post often, but I really don't mind waiting for well-crafted pages like this. I especially like how you placed your text in a sine wave/"s" pattern across the page. It accentuates, rather than interferes with, the art.
  4. chris
    Indeed Frenz! We've played this game before!
  5. chris
    Redemption is definitely due Necrophage! Although it's going to a little more than saying no to Scaper to bring Danny full circle. Yeah it's interesting to think that while he's having this internal dialog within himself, there's a massive fire raging around him. I guess he's not very good at multitasking!
  6. chris
    Yeah man, I wish I could post more often as well. When the time is available, I definitely try to put the work in. Up to the holiday break, I was almost getting one page a week, which was a nice pace - old school pace. As much as I'd like to keep that going throughout the year, it's very tricky based on time available to draw. As always, thanks for sticking with us. We'll definitely complete this book - that's a promise. Thanks, I appreciate that you appreciate the craft. Being writer and illustrator it allows me the ability to find the balance between dialog and art. I always think of the word balloons as another character, therefore trying to inject them into the scene organically. It's a ll about balance. Good to see it's picked up on! Thanks again!