The Landscaper Comic – Released Weekly On Thursday


  1. chris
    Curse you reflective surfaces!
  2. FireFrenzy
    I am reasonably sure all reflective surfaces are communist... Communist and HIPPIES! I know i have said it before but i do love this semi cell shaded style... It really is quite neat...
  3. FireFrenzy
    Hey it stole my pinky! Bloody workshy communist hippies!
  4. Raron
    Back.. from absences and gotta say love the superimposement. The "What my life could have been... if only' moment. Nice.
  5. chris
    Hey, hippies are an important staple in society. Thanks for the style feedback! It has definitely evolved over the course of issues. I think it's heading in the right direction. I mean, it can't get any worse - so that's a plus.
  6. chris
    Hey Hey! The man the myth the one they call Raron! Man it's good to see you back on the boards. I thought we lost you somewhere in issue 3. I thought it was taking Capo out of the story which was your last straw with our silly venture. Great to see we haven't deterred you from returning. Thanks man - yeah these damn reflections (double meaning) always revealing things we don't want to see in our selves. It's a nice visual nail to let Dan know just where he sits in the world at the moment. Although in the previous page, Dan was able to stare into the eyes of a stranger - and oddly enough is becoming more at ease with the person staring back. He could be doing that if I ignore it - it doesn't exist things - and we all know how that ends. I also feel all the present members in that family photo just seem to be mocking Dan with their little smiles. I'm looking at you Sammy! The overlay of Dan's face cozied up to a woman who he can trust and love and confide in is all too much of a sting internally that he's willing to deal with. However, perception is everything. I also like the way the faces create a bit of comedy tragedy mask type thing - which is pretty fitting as well. Looking forward to our usual back and forth pg banter. I've missed it so. Welcome back good sir.
  7. Raron
    Oh no I am still around. This is one of my four favorite online comics after all. This, Voodoo Walrus, Homestuck, and Goblins: Life through their eyes.
  8. Wessick
    Grass is always greener in someone elses yard Dan... the problem is, sometimes when you get to that yard, you find out it has its own...issues. Best to tend to your own garden m'boy.
  9. Cam
    I think Dan's just taking a moment to reflect (pun unintended) on his life thus far. With all that's been happening I don't even think he's had a chance to breathe, let alone put his life into perspective. Although saying that and seeing what his brother has, I think I'd be a little jealous or hold some sort of resentment. Maybe he just needs to get out more?
  10. Wessick
    Chris, If we lose Capo for too long... I would rebel. Cat has too much attitude and personality to just be left out.
  11. chris

    Great to see we've earned a spot in your top 4 wc's! More importantly, we've been able to keep you interested enough to continue to join us each week. Oh I see now, so you've always been here - just lurking in the shadows. The Ghost of Raron has retuned. Either way, still great to see you back on the boards.

    Oh how true man. He only sees what's available on the surface. I liken it to looking at the life of a celebrity or a rock start that you envy and wish you had their life. Until you find it's all superficial and you really don't have it so bad. The whole perception aspect again. The one question we haven't really asked is; did Dan ever really want the perfect life behind the glass? "The perfect life" to some, may not be the package everyone aspires to achieve. Maybe Dan was quite happy in the simple existence he used to have before that fateful night at the Cage. I think the issue now is - based on prior events, has he truly shut this door on the possibility of achieving this kind life? If he really sat down and thought about it for a second, he'd realize opportunities have already presented themselves to him in his current condition and form. He's just been a little too self involved to notice. Like you said even the perfect yards have their own issues - just hidden beneath the surface. Once again these landscaping - gardening references come back into the play. Don't'cha you just love the metaphors?

    Agreed Cam, he definitely needs to get out more ;)

    Wessick Part II:
    Don't worry too much. Capo was removed for a reason - more so to keep him safe and away from the life for the moment. He's an important part of Dan psyche, and therefore needed to be removed at this time.
  12. opalord
    Hey, its back. stop reading for a few months there when you guys slowed down, glad to see everythings moving along again, I missed it!
  13. chris
    Hellz yeah, we're back! Great to to have you with us again opalord! Yeah sorry about the slow down in posting. We were trying to get both issue 4 and the new site up at the same time...a bit of a mammoth task. We're all back up and running now so hope to see you around more on the weekly boards. Believe me - we missed it as well. Good to be back!