The Landscaper Comic – Released Weekly On Thursday


  1. FireFrenzy
    Something about "an eye for an eye" or something might be in order... but i am to lazy to scrabble for the correct joke:) so i wont!
  2. Raron
    Guess he should have kept. *puts on shade* An eye out. But seriously.... what this guy was saying is practically dirty talk to the Demonscaper here... (what I tend to call the landscaper when he let's it all hang loose)
  3. chris
    Ohhh well played gentlemen! These damn masks and their lack of peripherals. Well you spit blood on my lens I'll obstruct you view as well. You know Scaper, always a giving sort. Very true. To talk to Scaper about Hell Fire, and screaming souls is definitely a turn on - also ... why the hell would you give him ideas. I mean you can't dangle the idea of fire and brimstone in front of such a wonderful pillar of the community and expect that he won't take full advantage of such suggestions. It appears Danny's going through some very similar trials. Kind of reminds me of another orange hoodie wearing Pumpkin that had to go through such things to defeat his demons. This mask concept - or "duality mask" feels all too fitting in our little story. And Dan's mask looks more like his manifestation of Scaper than ever. Also, feels a little like Dean and Scaper with their motives reversed. I have a feeling many changes await our Danny Boy! Of course this is first time Scaper and Dan seem to be working in tandem. Oh dear! On with the show!!