The Landscaper Comic – Released Weekly On Thursday


  1. chris
    enjoy your stay!
  2. FireFrenzy
    FIRST, also Y U NO HAVE EXPLOZIONZ?! but character development is cool too:)
  3. chris
  4. Wessick
    Love how his inner thoughts are both a parallel with his own situation, and a consideration of him and his brother and how they have developed. Good page Chris.
  5. chris
    Thanks Wessick! Man, we really enjoy when you pick up on some of the layers we like to propose in the our pages. That's awesome that you get the duality meaning behind Danny's rather deep internal realizations. Dan is definitely reflecting on a few different levels. However, it's not his usual "why me" tone. Which leads me to believe that even though Danny was recently being belittled by his big brother and quickly being reduced to the younger brother role of sidekick - when he's alone, he seems to be gaining a little more internal confidence or at least acceptance with the world around him - or - more so, the world he's created. Also keep in mind, this particular statement could also work with our recently deceased hooded friend. Scaper even said whist our friend was hanging from the monkey bars. "Just remember, you chose this path" There seems to be a bigger emphasis on the idea of acceptance of your choices. Dan understands -or is starting to understand that leaving Karillion is just a formality - Kendelwood won't bring him peace - or even a place to rest to and recharge. Although, I feel he's gotten a fair bit more sleep than we've allowed him in the past 3 issues. That is of course, if you can call what he's been doing sleeping.
  6. Cam
    Thanks for the appreciation FireFrenzy and Wessick! Generally these kinds of pages can be kind of tricky. There was a lot of back and forth for the dialogue and we always wanted to keep it minimal which, in turn, makes it hard to communicate what exactly you want to say. We never once thought to use the "why me?" tone (because that's not how Danny C rolls) but we wanted it to have subtle meaning without being pretentious or unrealistic. I think what was actually laid down in the end suited our needs pretty well.
  7. chris
    Curtis: HAHA! the DOOM returns! I feel like I've made an impression. Happy Endings Scaper 2012 Page.

    HAZZA! Indeed Curtis - Tis a great use of the word "DOOM" when applying it to items deserving of such a fitting title. Welcome back to the LS!
  8. Karen
    Ah, look at it all. So clean, so neat and pretty... Yeah, I give it two days. Then *something's* gonna be on fire. :P
  9. chris
    HAHA! you say that with so much confidence Karen. It's like you know this comic or something ;) Ok, so two days is so far the time proposed for fire to consume something. Any other wagers on such predictions?
  10. damastech
    is the steam forming the impression of his 'costume', as well as it looking like the logo in the upper right of that pane?
  11. chris
    Good eye damastech. Yeah kind of an abstract reminder that burn what you want, but the smoke remains. If you look closely at the right hand side of his mangled face : there's a little hint at a demon grin just peeking through. The term dormant is an understatement.