The Landscaper Comic – Released Weekly On Thursday


  1. Ruxton
    didn't see that coming young Danny, did ya? :P
  2. chris
    Haha! Yeah this didn't work out the way they planned. Who's running this thing anyway? Personally i can see Scaper laughing his ass off right after Danny says "oh shit!" Looks like it won't be on your terms after all. But hey, look on the bright side - technically, you don't need to track them down any more. Time to improvise Danny Boy!
  3. FireFrenzy
    The moment formerly known as "OOPS" Also known in some cases as the "oh fuck moment" Not sure if this is intentional ( i doubt it) but on my firefox version ever single line in this comment section is tabbed over about 5-6 cm from the line above it... Which means this typing square-rectangle-contraption-thing is almost outside of the grey frame it's supposed to be in...
  4. chris
    Definitely either one of those moments would appropriately describe Dan's current situation. Although I think this is where he's at his best and what Scaper has been pushing him to become. Not so reliant on a plan and a more running on pure emotion and adapting to the situation. Very similar to what he did in Sean's garage. It make him more unhinged and less in control which could result in less rational thought and more potential loss of life. In the end that's really what Scaper wants to be. Now if he can only get Dan over to his side. The true Scaper can begin. I'll be posting your awesome creation in a day or two so be on the look out for that. ;)
  5. chris
    As for the technical issues with the comment box and browser issues, well have a look into it. Thanks!
  6. Ruxton
    FF i sent you an email about the comment box, hope you can get back to me with some details. Cheers. :)
  7. FireFrenzy
    You should have an answer...