The Landscaper Comic – Released Weekly On Thursday


  1. Steve Dillon
    And we're back! Bottom middle panel is astounding. So simple but freakin gorgeous.
  2. FireFrenzy
    A novel and intresting prospect this page holds! *clears throat* *checks his notes* SECOND! It leaves me feeling a little hollow inside, but that is to be expected i suspect...
  3. chris
    Thanks Steve-o! Sometimes you can create some cool panels with simple visuals. Great to hear it was successful!
  4. chris
    Second is still first in some countries Frenz! Your ratio of first to second still holds strong across the whole series, so no need to worry about your title. Hollow is a good feeling to feel regarding his particular page. I would have accepted; Angry, emotionally disturbed, and or Fuck you Lydia for ratting out our hero/ anti/ psychotic type guy man! Either one. Yes, hollow inside is the right feeling for the day.
  5. wessick
    Hope all is well, miss seeing updates when they happen. Especially as the story is picking up.
  6. chris
    Hey Wessick, all good here. You know that when Supanova comes around we get a little hitch in the system, but we'll be back in full swing before you know. The con is this weekend - so after that we should be back on track. Yes, it's starting to ramp up indeed. It looks like things don't always go to plan, but then it wouldn't be the LS world if it did. Hope you're well man! We'll see you soon!