The Landscaper Comic – Released Weekly On Thursday


  1. FireFrenzy
    Calling first used to be funny:'(
  2. chris
    I hear ya! Not quite the party room we used to have I guess :( Meh - it goes in the waves. I would say this is our down slope atm. I think the 2 week post might have been a little too long for some. Either way, when the issues finished it's always there to read in one sitting. However I do miss the old days Frenz. Good times. Going back and forth with you good people was the highlight of doing this thing. We shall see where the road takes us.
  3. Beepboop
    When I can, I'm gonna but these books/comics. They are too awesome to pass up, and don't worry, people will be back here soon! :D
  4. chris
    Thanks Beepboop! Appreciate the feedback! Great to hear you're still sticking with us. You're right, the people will return. Either way. This thing continues. Oh yes...this will continue!
  5. wessick
    That is the problem with being in webcomics, when activity is high it keeps you on the radar. For my part, I am sorry that I keep dropping off the face of the boards. I keep stopping by to see updates, but just don't post my presence. Love the pages as always guys.
  6. chris
    Completely agree, Wessick. Sometimes that's just some of the casualties that come with a weekly - or bi-weekly page by page comic book. It disrupts the flow, and can take you out of the action. I've noticed people are waiting till the book is finished so they can read through the book with no interruptions. Maybe the best way to do this is to write and draw a full book then post it live. Sure there will be some downtime from the presence of the web, but a quick post here and there to update on progress might keep some of the original audience interested. Kind of like a good TV series or movie. If you made people have to sit down to see a movie a little bit at a time, every two weeks - it wouldn't really be an enjoyable experience, and you wouldn't get the same feeling as watching it full from start to finish. Alas - such the life of the web comic. Keeping that in mind, it might help with next installment. Great to hear you're still with us even if you presence on the boards is in spirit. Great to hear as well you're still digging the weekly pages. Thanks as always for your continued support man, really appreciate it.
  7. Steve Dillon
    Motorcycles: Check. Violence: Check. Artwork that makes me wobble with jealously and awe: Check. Hot damn I love this comic. After fives years it's only gotten better and better and better. I remember when it was just a couple of guys who were really annoyed at getting their car tyres let down all the time and their beloved hall spraypainted. Keep rockin our worlds, Chirs! -Steve
  8. chris
    Thank you muchly good Sir Dillon! Great to hear you've caught up on the carnage and have enjoyed the ride! After all, you helped create this damn thing ;) Ah the memories have served us well in this little vigilante tale of ours. Like everything, evolution is the key - I would say we've evolved into a new entity, one of which we'd hoped we'd become from the beginning. The road is long, and eventually we'll have to stop for a little petrol and Snikers bar. However, this is not our exit - not yet. Much to be done. The Great Oakwood shall live on in our hearts ... or in our pants.