The Landscaper Comic – Released Weekly On Thursday


  1. FireFrenzy
    Well you have my email and you can get me via that whenever:)
  2. chris
    Indeed I do Frenz. I'll definitely bounce some stuff off the Div soon enough. A few things have been altered so I we might need to revise some ideas from the previous. I'll keep you posted on the outside.
  3. wessick
    No body... no proof he is dead. Of course, that is movie logic. Good to see the baddies evolving along with Scaper. So many "sacrifices" for end goals.
  4. Grovers
    I can help but imagine in him rocking a huge smile in the panel thats just a close up of his eyes. HUGE SMILE
  5. chris
    Hmmm Wessick! I believe you've been watching too many crime dramas - or - have been with us since the beginning. Evolution is always a good thing. However for the phoenix to rise the other must burn to ash. Sacrifices on all levels are required for true change ... true transformation. No stopping it now ;)
  6. chris
    Haha! I can completely see that Grovers! That would probably be the way he would face down death. The lower panel with LK screaming would probably go like. "COME ON' YOU FUCKER!" "BRING IT!" or something like that ;) I have a feeling he wouldn't go out without choking the reaper himself all the way ;) Actually, I would love to draw that scene.