The Landscaper Comic – Released Weekly On Thursday


  1. Wessick
    Books just ain't sellin... well, could always go into contracting work to pay the bills... perhaps a little landscape work. You know, keep the business in the family.

    While the self-help saying "Ends justify the means" sounds a little like that... I wonder how old Dan will take it.

    Rise up son, Rise up til it's done, Just Rise up son, Doesn't matter who won, Til the last one stands, and the last bats swung, Just rise up son... , til the battle be done.
  2. chris
    Ahhh, just imagine what Dan could do with a silent backer. I think that's a viable solution to his financial issues. We shall see how it all turns out. As for Jimmy, it seems like he's speaking cryptic messages again - that of course could just be Jimmy saying get out there in the backyard and make a difference - and Dan has heard it in his cryptic vigilante verification. Or he's saying - to just push back to start the ripple is the true success of change. Keep in mind. When Dan took on Caleb and his group he started creating rifts in the group which ultimately ended with Caleb cutting off North's finger and Dean killed. Along with this ripple spawning the greatest copycat in the comicverse. Just the act of push back in a world where everyone is afraid to start the ripple is the true success of the vigilante. Or he could just be saying go out and clean your's how how you see it. I quite like your last statement it's very fitting to this particular arc of our tale.
  3. FireFrenzy
    Or if that doesn't work out i hear there's great employment options and job security in murdering sons of bitches Hey Chris I need you to resend me that adress, i have finally finished building the somethin' somethin' and i need to know where to ship it... Lemme know if you need my email or something..
  4. chris
    Now you know Danny and employment - he's not the most reliable guy with your average nine to five. Yeah I've got your email addy, I'll resend ASAP. That's awesome to hear somethin' somethin' is ready for mass consumption! Can't wait to see the finished somethin'. I'll be in touch. c-
  5. Vas
    This is my first time visiting The Landscaper, and I am completely impressed. The art and the story are exceptional. Sorry, I don't have much else substantive to say other than keep up the great work. :D
  6. chris
    Hi Vas, welcome to the LS world. That's fantastic to hear you're enjoying the Landscaper. We really appreciate the feedback. Hopefully we'll see you again on the comment boards. We will definitely continue the work, as we have truly enjoyed developing this story. More to come...