The Landscaper Comic – Released Weekly On Thursday


  1. you know who
    first! suck it Nolan.
  2. FireFrenzy
    I have the feeling that telling a bunch of insane commicers what it feels like to be covered in smoking hydrochloric acid might have been a mistake... AND AWESOME! Such is the life of the loonies in q-div (for those playing at home, its not as bad as you think, not nearly... The skin gets red and itchy-ish and thats basically it, just run ALOT of comfy water over it and it'll stop being so annoying...)
  3. chris
    That's right, Nolan...what he said!
  4. chris
    Thanks Frenz for referring to us as insane - there's no better way to put it. Sure maybe in the real world the HCA reaction would be redness and itchy - but this is LS, and Kendelwood Pool Aid is pretty potent....and very corrosive. Maybe to the point of burning through (ie) melting skin in a violent and LS way. We always have the right for creative exaggeration for comic purposes :) Still, on the label it says "Don Not inhale spays or mists - as well as avoid getting it in you eyes. Also, warm comfy water may not be available at the time. They may even need a second coat application for shine ;) Great to have you back on the boards all. Q-Div Rocks!
  5. Karen
    Hol-ee SHIT you're alive! 8D Great to see you alive, Chris! Can't wait to see how this turns out!
  6. chris
    Hey Hey Karen! I didn't realize we died. Did we? Oh dear, how unfortunate - we will be missed. Actually, I went on a little holiday back to the US so wasn't able to keep with the posting for that time off. But - we're back now, so everything is back on track. It's great to see us alive as well :) I have a feeling it will turn out brutal...and wonderful. Stay tuned. Great to see you back on the boards.
  7. Toxic Del
    Read the whole thing over two days. Shades of Moon Knight with the crazy. I'm really liking how The Landscaper's self-image continues to become more and more monstrous as he grows more comfortable with himself in charge instead of Danny. Nice work, on the whole, and getting better. Thank you!
  8. chris
    Thanks Toxic Del! Really appreciate the feedback. I wasn't aware of the Moon Knight character, but after you mentioned it I looked him up, and he is definitely a pretty cool character indeed - and I can complete see the shades you speak of. That's awesome that you're picking up on the self image shift as Scaper becomes more comfortable behind the wheel. Visually Dan's image is deforming from which began on the inside is starting to manifest with his outward appearance. I think at this stage Dan can't really get a grip on the internal beast, or he's accepted the fact that in this new world he finds himself in, it's really better suited for the Scaper than himself - or Scaper is just too strong to have to ask permission to join the party. When there's brutality to be done, there's no better mental state to be in. Thanks again for taking the time to give the LS a read and for commenting on the LS boards. We look forward to hearing from you as the issue progresses. We also have a live chat which we discuss the comic, so feel free to jump in and share your thoughts. ScaperChat