The Landscaper Comic – Released Weekly On Thursday


  1. Wessick
    Does anyone else hear the "Jason is hunting someone" sound track from Friday the 13th when they look at this page? For some reason, I hear that... and it is creeping me out. :-p
  2. chris
    Haha! That's awesome Wessick. I still hear that Black German screamo music from the pervious pages -but I can completely see why you might hear that with this page. To be honest, now I hear it..and it's creeping me out now as well. Don't worry, he's on our side... Um, right? Right?
  3. Karen
    "Wrong neighborhood, mother fucker." Alternate comedy out take: "Jesus FUCK, Carpenter! The fuck is with your brother!?" Can't wait to see what happens! :D
  4. FireFrenzy
    Nah for me it was that thing from Kill bill, Whats it called? Fighting without honor or humility?
  5. chris
    Haha! So true Karen. I would say that would have been a great alternate scene to behold. Keep in mind, Sean played the smart card in saying Dan was just a friend of the family- he didn't specify that he was his brother. This might have been a good play on his hands, as it didn't directly identify him as a Carpenter on first glance. However, Artu make have put the puzzle together himself with the identity of the this insane person who just threw his fellow bird through the window, and doesn't look like he wants to play nice with the door to door sales people. I'm sure either way they now know Dan is someone after all....but who is the question soon to be answered. Yeah violence!
  6. chris
    You know Frenz when listening to FWHORH and looking at the page, it definitely changes the vibe of the page. I keep seeing a red blue yellow overlay shift and then Dan goes into a black and white freeze with his name printed in both English and Chinese characters. I like it ^_^
  7. Roy
    Naaa, I hear this when I see this page. ;)
  8. chris
    Haha! That's awesome Roy! I had a huge grin when I clicked on the link and saw the video title! Yes...that fits perfectly as well. I would say this song fits for the 3-4 pages prior. I just let DP run in the background and clicked through the pages as Dan returned back to the house. Ahhh the magic of music and visuals.
  9. FireFrenzy
    Good option...