The Landscaper Comic – Released Weekly On Thursday


  1. Wessick
    Kira is as good a manipulator as ever... still I am surprised a little that the redirect worked. I like how we are getting another perspective here. While it is good to know what is happening with Dan, this broadens the story I think.
  2. FireFrenzy
    Hey you guys didn't happen to play a whole lot of vampire the masquarade growing up did you? That's the excuse i give people when get called on being (at times) an utterly manipulative bastard....
  3. chris
    It seems she knows all to well how to deal with the great captain North, Wessick. Perhaps she would be the right person to be in the LS's corner after all...or even his back. Either that, or she's as unstable as the rest of our crew. I'm glad you were cool with the flick back to Karillion. We left you hanging in a few different places in issue 3. It was important, even for me to see what happened next. In other words... I've wanted to see Lane and Kira in the same room for sometime now. Always good to do a little bouncing character development when we can. In terms of the redirect - all she needed to do was put Lane in a bad mood with focusing on the lack of brotherly interest. I'm sure even he didn't know what happened. Good to see we could all follow the 3 levels of inception backtracking haha! Ofcouse always good to see Ty again..even if it is in this current state.Great to hear you're still enjoying the ride.
  4. chris
    Frenzy - Hey that's that role playing game yeah? Haven't played.. More of a D&D upbringing.. But does sound like fun. She is a little bit of a manipulator but we knew that in issue 2. She seems to be showing a little more character as we learn more about her. Let's hope the triangle ends in a professional manner. What we've learned thus far is ; don't mess with Mrs. Kira. I quite like the intended nickname - I'm sure I've acquired such titles at one stage or another heheh...
  5. Grovers
    and for todays show and tell we see the resault of one liners, remember kids its safer just doing drugs. Thats all for today, Good luck
  6. chris
    But what epic one liners they were... Come on now he put up a good showing at the dance. Just ask Dean - Oh wait.
  7. FireFrenzy
    Is this the email with my avatar?
  8. FireFrenzy
    Or is this it? if not then i guess it ate my pinky...
  9. chris
    The one below! Pinky still lives!!