The Landscaper Comic – Released Weekly On Thursday


  1. Curtis
    The wise man speaks again. Gotta say, I really enjoy whenever Dan and Jim interact.
  2. chris
    Haha indeed he does Curtis. I too enjoy their interaction. Actually, this is the first time they've really met - in person that is. Seems to be going over well. :| Jimmy indeed is a wise man of the DIY philosophy. His words of wisdom are those only truly understood at the right time. Unfortunately for Dan this doesn't seem to be the right time - but apparently Jimmy knows in time, such cryptic messages will sink in. We are still talking about tidying up the backyard...right? right? Great to see you back on the boards Curtis! Enjoy the DIY ride from here on out :D
  3. Wessick
    So many songs come to mind... this stuff must be scripted to music. If only Jim truly knew what impact he had on our tortured soul here. Course, I think old Dan does what a lot of people do, they heard what they wanted to hear and ran off without hearing the most important bit. Love this... truly do.
  4. Grovers
    Well i dont know what to focus on. Pinky in the back ground or the advert for the next 'how to catch a predator' episode in panel 2. ... dont landscapers drive vans? Oh god not Pinky. Wait, wheres Brain
  5. Karen
    Oh god, Jimmy must have gotten such bad "rape face" vibes in the first and second panels. XD
  6. damastech
    and then I think to myself "this bread fed, porked up, puss ass, fucking fruity loop turned flake o' the lake just said randomly spewed and inoffencive catering words that rocked dan's world, and gave a hokey ass form of respect if I had to call it right" and then see him getting has ass hammered by skaper's ass pounding boots
  7. chris
    Thanks Wessick! Definitely some music contributing to the overall Scaper - so you're spot on there. I'd be curious to know what score you hear when viewing and contemplating the scene. How true is it that you only hear what you want to hear. It's only later on when you're in a different mind set do things begin to take on a different meaning. It appears Jimmy has banked on this notion that when the time comes that message will be heard. Great to hear you're still enjoying LS. Makes it all worth it!

    Haha Groves I can see how you would be confilcted. I would focus on predator face( panel two) it will help you sleep at night. Brain was no longer under contract, so we needed to let him go.

    Haha how true how true Karen! Why can't a person stare at another person with a cheeky grin and glowing red eyes and it not be creepy? Come on now, that's all I ask.

    Well stated damastech! I think personally a man up is in the cards for our cracked hero.