The Landscaper Comic – Released Weekly On Thursday


  1. chris
    Somehow I feel this is one of those pages I will continue to add to as the days go by. If I didn't get'cha in this round I'll get'cha in the next one. Enjoy the chaos either way ;)
  2. Wessick
    There are many things I would like to say about this page. First off... Mighty Wessick is not a bad name for a book. May just have to get my wife on that... if you will allow me to pay the royalty fee of course. Hopefully it outsells that Raron book. Second... somehow I had a feeling the dark side would have something to say. The good thing is, unless this is about to turn bloody real quick, it is still all in Dan the mans head. Damaged heroes are always the most memorable to me. Also, Looks like Sean is one hell of a celebrity himself in his home town.
  3. chris
    Definitely looks like a best seller to me. Of course people are quite into the supernatural titles at the moment, so GOR might give the Mighty Wessick and good run. I'll send you copy when it's hot of the press. I think at the moment it's 10 cents to every sell so you'll be singing a sweet tune to the bank before you know it :) I too hope this is all in the cracked psyche of our hero...something tells me the rest of the patrons are safe - just wouldn't want to hold up residence in the mans mind. Apparently, Dan seems to lay blame on the wise words of Jimmy LS. I guess until he owns what he's become, he'll always try to brand someone else as the reason for the chaos in his new life. Yeah, looks like folks will be linning up for the other Carpenter before you know it....of course the Harbingers might get first dibs. Let's hope Sean makes it through his rent penalty.
  4. Ruxton
    At first I was all "how cool, he's got everyones name up in there, HEY LOOK ITS VA, cool". Then I thought "it'd be nice if there was a tribute to that commenter that passed away", there it is on the second floor. So then I'm just wandering around the page smiling at all the references when I go past some t-shirt in the crowd and do a double-take. I expected them all except that one, cheers ;)
  5. Sam152
    Love all the names, a great touch. Thanks Chris! Also.. I love how there are just two cats hanging out in the mall?
  6. Wessick
    Hey, I think Dan should check out the aisle with the copies of Landscaper in it... might be a good way to reflect on what has come before. I mean the best way to see how bad it has gotten is see it yourself. Might even give him a little more info on our little Pumpkin in the hospital. Just sayin
  7. chris
    Great to hear you guys enjoyed the page. Always wanted to do a page like this, and the bookstore seemed to be right place for it. I did my best to get as many names - references and nods to as many things and people I could think of at the time. The scene continues for a few more pages - so more chances to get more in. Rux great to hear got a good smile scanning the page and found some extra surprises. Sam: No thank you for all the support of the comic over these past many moons. Like I said: The comments and going back and forth with readers has been the best part of making this comic. One cat one dog - Cat compliments of Capo - Dog - compliments of a zombie comic that makes me hunger for waffles ;) I have a feeling this page may have additions each time you look at it. We'll call it the living page. I'm sure there'll be more to come throughout the issue.
  8. chris
    Haha that's so true wessick! It would be a great way to see what proceeded this particular event. Although, I probably wouldn't want him to get his hands on issue 4. If he continued you read on and saw what we had in store for him for the rest of the issue - he'd probably just want to stay in the bookstore ;) Very true about Jack - but there's always another avenue he could take to find out about the condition of the mighty pumpkin. Of course if he just went across to the other aisle ... he could just ask him himself.
  9. =dam0=
    Chris, Rux, Team Scaper, keep up the good work. And thank you for honoring your fans with the old tip of the hat ;) This is really special.
  10. =dam0=
    good to see the scaper mobile in there too!!
  11. chris
    Thanks Damo glad you liked our little nod! It's great to have you on the shelf. Gotta have the scapermobile!
  12. FireFrenzy
    I was hoping for a slightly cooler cameo but i guess you held up your end of the bargain:P Q-Div says hi, (and legal made us add this) DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME (but if you do send video it'll be hilarious)
  13. chris
    haha - was hoping seeing the Scapermobile in the comic might have been a nice treat. Again other pages to follow in same space so Q-Div tee-shirts - avatars and quotes are fair game. Stay tuned.
  14. Karen
    Ah! New Page! Sorry for the late arrival. XD Hmm, me thinks the Landscaper persona is finding a natural opposite in Jimmy. 'Scaper wants to make peoples lives better through the removal of criminal elements and inspiring safety via selfless and humble actions (albeit violent ones). Jimmy, on the other hand, is using the same basic idea of "make your life better", but only through the trinket actions of improving one's home through remodeling and gardening projects, thus becoming rather wealthy and famous in the process. Just me two cents. And god, I love it when the split personality/ alternate persona acts up.
  15. chris
    Hey Karen, no worries on the late arrival. Like I've always said: we're always here. So whenever you're able to make your way to our side of the web - we'll be here.

    Good insight on the LS and JLS. It's definitely a possibility when it comes to Danny and the LS persona. I think it's important to look at why Dan may show so much resentment towards Jimmy. Remember, it's from the beginning, Jimmy appeared to be some kind of mis- guided guru in the fight against the criminal elements in Karillion (namely the youth gangs which started it all.) After Brain was put into the hospital and Dan was in his usual rage with no direction. Jimmy appeared in the form of a voice from the TV with the comparison of DIY Landscaping the and DIY vigilante crusade. The philosophy of "only a Landscaper can make change." The idea of of both being represented in abstract form.

    They both start with the situation looking like an impossible task. Then you need to get in there and get your hands dirty. Start chipping away way at it a little at a time. There will be success and failures. You will doubt your purpose and the choices made - until then finally the job is done. Well of course on the vigilante side it's not so black and white. Remember Dan didn't want to continue this life after issue two - but was now he's been forced into it. And Jimmy's little words of wisdom like "You can't wait around for someone else to do it for you" is what helped spurn our anti-hero into some kind of misguided action.

    Nothing will change until someone changes it. But it's more Jimmy's statements at the end of issue 2 which mocked Dan's new found situation. It's not so much who Jimmy is in the world, but what Dan believes he's been saying to him. Even though Jimmy isn't really guiding Dan to do anything - it's just how Dan has been hearing the advice in his cracked mind. To finally stand face to face with the man he blames for not only the creation of the character but the creation of the monster that has taken Danny back over the psyche line of sanity.

    Dan blames Jimmy for this misguided advice which has placed him into this life and all that comes with it. The LS persona and Dan might finally agree on one thing - for different reasons. Their hatred for the green thumbed god seems mutual. Good thing this is all taking place in the man's head...cause the results might be less then admirable for the celebrity status of Jimmy TLS :)

    Just a refresher of their last interaction: Jimmy's mock. Jimmy's original creed.
  16. damastech
    one thing to say: fuck YES!!!