The Landscaper Comic – Released Weekly On Thursday


  1. Cam
    GODDAMN! I love this page! And for so many reasons. Sticking a knife in someone is more than just sticking a knife in someone. The evidence that ignorance is bliss.
  2. chris
    Yeah man! I'm pretty sure Dan liked it better when his last idea of Dean was the guy in the skeletal hoodie trying to give him a hair cut with a 13 inch blade in the park. Although this answers a lot of questions - and makes more sense looking back at our time with Dean. Doesn't change anything. As Danny would attest, the man in these photos was not the person he faced on that fateful rainy evening. Whatever he was in the past, didn't change the fact he was trying to end Dan's chapter as well by setting his face on fire - choking him out and a little slice and dice to top it all off. Still, it must sting a little to put a face to the name. Agreed, it's better not to know. Choices were made - paths were taken - doesn't change anything. You could have been great Dean...
  3. FireFrenzy
    Well if anyone doubted karma being a bitch this is proof... I mean can you imagine it, you're trying to get away from the horrible crap you've pulled and then BOOM, KARMA right up in your face...
  4. Wessick
    Proof that we only get a snapshot of a man... tragic.
  5. chris
    You all make some great points. It's interesting, as when we first conceived the idea for this page, it was created to evoke a particular response. That response being one more stab at Dan for the event in the park. You can't escape no matter where you go. The idea of taking this life. See it flash before him in a series of clippings and photos. Pretty black and white. Like Frenz said proof that Karma is a bitch! However, the more I looked at this page and thought about it, Wessick is right, we only get a snapshot of a man - or anyone really. Once again, it's all perception. It didn't really matter who Dean was , what mattered was the man he was at the end. His actions, his choices and decisions shaped who he was in the end. I mean we could put a nice little folder together like this for Miss Lydia of Danny. Showing him in his quite life - Beer O'clock with Brian. Sitting at home watching movies or playing the guitar on the weekends. Then we can show the attack in the Cage parking lot. Brian being put into a coma by these little fucks - the police saying they know who it is but can't (or won't) do anything about it. It's here his story arcs down as well. Rise and fall - but it's all how you see it. Maybe Lydia would look at the LS differently if she had all the facts. She's looking at it from her POV which is always the wrong way to achieve the truth. But we don't have all the facts- we don't know a person... we can only judge on who they are at the moment. Perception is only now. With that said, Dean was not the same person that was in this folder. Didn't matter where he came from what he did, it was the choices and actions from events that shaped him into what he was. The (internal) Scaper didn't care who he was - his motivation was fear through brutality, much like Dean's original message for Karillion. One other thing I got from this story, was even with a voice of reason, the path remained the same. Carrie was there with Dean, but in the end - it's the individual who makes the choices that shape the course. No matter how much Carrie told him he was great and talented and everything was going to be ok - and no matter how much the papers labeled him a hero - It was Dean who needed to believe it...believe in himself. It's interesting to go back and see what Dean says to Tyler before Tyler's last stand. "Sometimes commitment isn't enough - sometimes you are not enough" Makes you think how much was a message to Tyler -or to himself. In the end, I agree with Wessick as the only thing I can take from this page is....tragic. Perhaps Lydia is the contrasting voice in his head - to counteract against the roommate that currently holds up residency. There are still no answers - just more questions.
  6. Wessick
    You have a way with words Chris... you captured my thoughts perfectly.
  7. chris
    Thanks Wessick. We're usually on the same internal page with these sorts of things ;)
  8. damastech
    why? WHY?! FUCK YOU, THAT'S WHY! Fuck him too, so hard his mother came. but in all seriousness, that blows, that the guy fucked up and continued fucking till he got a feeling in his gut of being knife fucked...
  9. chris
    A very valid opinion damastech - one I definitely agree with. Especially the one aimed at Lydia. Who's she to be putting this in Dan's face? What is she really trying to accomplish with this "voice of a victim" story? It's kind of like what Kira said. Lydia can say anything she wants from a distance and the safety of her ivory tower - but it's not until you climb down into the trenches and see what it's really like... then can you express these opinions. Your little folder doesn't mean shit - until you know the truth. Yeah he messed up - for whatever reason. Still doesn't change the fact he was an asshole. We all mess up, and make mistakes but we all don't end up assholes - well some do. Dan said something once in a little promo I posted a while back which is fitting for this page. "It's not the events themselves that forge our paths, it's the choices we make after those events that define who we are." So yeah I agree with you. Fuck'em. Especially after what he did to Ty. Sure if Dean had lived would he have turned his life around? Would he have changed? I guess we'll never know. Let that be a lesson to you Kariilion. The LS isn't fuckin' around - not this time!
  10. Sam152
    I almost feel sorry for the bastard. No wonder he was so grumpy.
  11. chris
    It's one of those tough things - either you feel sorry, or you still say in the end his choices led him to his results. Just like Dan - choices forge the path...
  12. damastech perfect song for this one...