The Landscaper Comic – Released Weekly On Thursday


  1. Ruxton
    More first than anyone has ever been first before. The next person to comment will be second.
  2. chris
    I'm always second :|
  3. FireFrenzy
    THIRD! EEHR SECOND! So what up dogs?
  4. Karen
    Man, that's depressing, bro...welcome back to life! :D
  5. chris
    Thanks Karen, great to be back! Yeah agreed, not the happiest of statements - but keep in mind who this is coming from, and what he's been through in the last issue alone. I'm sure on some level, at one time or another we all can relate to this message. Frenzy: oh you know, just making comics...the usual. What up with you?
  6. damastech
    hell yes, it's been a long time, nice to see you're updating
  7. chris
    Hey damastech! Yeah man it's been too long. A few unforeseen things held us up a little - but we're back to weekly postings again, so welcome back officially!
  8. damastech
    I would not say that this was true, or at least that I am not within the "we"... there are various things out there, and it is up to you to see to whom your savior will be, whether it is yourself, a clique, spiritual warfare, magicks, or avoidance, there is always something besides the obvious "somebody... anybody... save me" rhetoric. In America, unless you are facing the govt. you have the same means as the bad guys to obtain your defenses or offences... money is not always an object, creativity is always an asset.
  9. chris
    Yeah. I think the point point is - everyone just keeps waiting for things to get better through other means. Until you address the truth, and discard the fantasy - change will never come. The clean up crew line feels very true in that instance. Other people need to stop making these fuckin' messes. Keep in mind this is an unfinished statement.
  10. Damastech
    As a living person, I find life quite insurmountable, sometimes barely survivable... there are days that I think "if something doesn't kill me soon, I might steal the opportunity." I have trouble dealing with the hand I'm dealt, regardless there are times where I am at peace with it all... though that tracks into being within the eye of the storm, that if you spread your arms out your fingers would be broken, but learning to walk the path that is chosen is more difficult than sulking on the internet, breaking your will down to nothing. If you think that my view that those that prey on the weak and those that prey on the nieve are separate only upon the conduit of gains, is faulted, one would have to look into the thoughts that I can face other people's nightmares all day, but to realize that I live my own dream... takes the wind from my lungs... but then you would have to deal with the pre-science/destiny/fate/life-spans issues. Perhaps one of my more discombobulated rants... but a person would have to see through another's eyes... to read the random seeming goosebumps as though it were braille, to see grasp another's perspective.
  11. chris
    We all have those ups and downs in this crazy thing we call life. Some more up than others - and some more down than others. In the end. These downs help us discover things about our selves we'd never find on the up swings. It's the downs that define us not the up. Like a piece of iron being hammered on a black smiths anvil. The harder and more times it's hit....the strong and more durable it will become. We're all like that piece of iron being forged into a sword. In the end we're all in this together. Just fragmented into different locations and different experiences - and yet still connected in some way. It's the journey not the destination that matters more. Follow the rusty signs they won't steer you wrong. I think there's a song in there somewhere ;)